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WebGen utilizes the proven web-based forms generation technology pioneered by Wireless Webforms to enable organizations to automate all aspects of forms processing via a web-based solution. With WebGen your workforce can enter form data from virtually any location with internet access utilizing a fully functional web-portal. This affordable solution can be customized and implemented for just about any form in a matter of hours or days, rather than the weeks or months that are typical with customized software. To follow are just a few of the numerous benefits your organization can obtain with WebGen:

WebGen means Increased Productivity
WebGen provides your field-based staff with more options on where to enter form information. As a web-based application, WebGen can be accessed anywhere a user has an internet connection. That means your field staff can enter form data from their home or from a client site or from any location with internet access that is closer than the home or regional office. Making forms entry more readily available to your field staff can mean less time traveling back and forth to the office and more time in the field. Furthermore, WebGen provides advanced form routing features to speed up the form approval and review process.

WebGen to Reduced Costs:
If your organization has not automated paper forms yet, the cost savings to you can be enormous. Recent studies have shown that automation of paper forms can save between $120 and $150 per electronic forms transaction when compared to paper forms. WebGen enables any organization to quickly automate their paper form processing to produce savings right away.

WebGen means Adaptability
WebGen is designed to work with your existing systems regardless of their complexity or type of technology. And whether you have one simple form or many complicated forms, WebGen can be configured to handle all of them. Forms can be created to suit your particular needs and, if needed, can branch to other forms based upon user responses. You are provided the means to change forms and create new forms over the internet, independent of the WebGen application. Further, WebGen works with any computer that has internet access and with any browser. No new software is required to be installed on your part.

WebGen means Usability
WebGen enables a non-technical computer user to set up new forms for web-based computing quickly and easily. There is no database design and no replication engine design necessary on your part to create and distribute new forms. All form creation and editing is done on the Internet so there is no need to install complicated software on your computer. All that is needed is a connection to the internet. Likewise, for users, forms can be configured to maximize usability.

WebGen means Fully Functional Web Portal
WebGen is unique in that the user interface is a fully functional web portal, not a static HTML page or .pdf document. Your form can include drop-down boxes, check boxes, radio buttons and many other controls that are often associated with fully robust applications. If you have found other web-based forms applications lacking, you will be pleasantly surprised with the full featured interfacing capabilities your users receive with WebGen.

WebGen means Easy Deployment
As a web-based application, all that is needed for a user to access a WebGen form is a browser and internet access. No installation disks need to be distributed each time there is an update in a form. Url’s are created for each form within a main form control area. Using the portal is intuitive quick and easy. No complicated installations need to be conducted by your support staff. WebGen means that deployment is a snap and so is maintenance.

WebGen means Data Access
Utilizing the web, your field workers or end clients can enter and access data from any location where an Internet connection is available. Users do not need to be logged into your network to access the application.

WebGen means Improved Data Accuracy
WebGen is designed to provide you the means to ensure your data is complete and accurate. You can ensure that web pages are completed entirely and within specific guidelines. No matter how complicated your forms are, WebGen can be configured to prompt users through your entire web page fulfillment process to ensure forms are completely filled out. And data validation rules may be implemented thereby limiting the acceptable responses that can be entered. This feature, coupled with WebGen’s ability to auto-fill forms with legacy data, greatly reduces the likelihood of data entry and associated errors.

WebGen combines the power of the Internet with the functionality of your existing systems to streamline your web page creation and fulfillment process. Contact Wireless Webforms today to learn more about how WebGen can work for you.
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