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Now the shortest distance
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Straight LineTM
Straight LineTM
Straight-Line enables City and State government to field enable their existing software systems in a matter of hours or days,

Wireless Webforms Straight-Line product extends existing software systems to mobile devices for nearly any type of organization with a field-based staff. Benefits to your organization from Straight-Line can come in many forms including increased productivity, greater accountability and improved data accuracy. This affordable solution can be customized and implemented for just about any field-based function in a matter of hours or days, rather than the weeks or months that are typical with customized software. Read on to learn more about how your organization can benefit from the power of Straight-Line.


Straight-Line to Increased Productivity:

Straight-Line can make your field staff more productive than ever by reducing the number of steps often associated with traditional field work processes. If your field staff completes paper forms in the field and later enters the form information in a computer back at the office, Straight-Line can eliminate the need to data enter the form back at the office. With Straight-Line, field workers utilize a wireless device to complete forms at the job site and then move the completed forms via cellular or wireless networks from the device to the central server. Data also flows from the central server to the wireless devices to provide field workers the most up-to-date information and enable the home office to issue new work orders and improve communications with field staff. Straight-Line enables mobile professionals to stay mobile, greatly reducing the need to spend valuable time driving to and from the office.


Straight-Line to Reduced Costs:

The cost savings of automating paper forms processing is enormous. Recent studies have shown that automation of paper forms can save between $120 and $150 per electronic forms transaction when compared to paper forms. Straight-Line enables any organization to quickly automate their paper form processing to produce savings right away.


Straight-Line to Greater Accountability-

Straight-Line logs a complete audit trail of all tasks that are viewed on a device, entered on a device, sent to a device or deleted off a device. Organizations can track specific time intervals from the time a task is assigned to a resource to the time the task is completed and all the steps and times in-between. Accompanied with the optional GPS tracking feature, an organization can track task completion times with actual task completion locations within 6 inches if needed, enabling you to determine if resources are where they are supposed to be, doing what they are supposed to be doing when they are supposed to be doing it.


Straight-Line to Available Data

Straight-Line gets data to you fast. Instead of hours or days between the time when field work is completed and the time data is entered in your central system, Straight-Line gets the data to you as soon as field workers complete a form. This provides you with more current data which can help you better serve your customers and enable you to make better informed decisions.


Straight-Line to Improved Data Accuracy

Straight-Line can provide you with more accurate and more complete data than you ever had from traditional field work processes. By putting Straight-Line in the hands of your field staff, you can ensure that forms are completed entirely and within specific guidelines. No matter how complicated your forms are, Straight-Line can be configured to prompt users through your entire form fulfillment process to ensure forms are completely filled out. And data validation rules may be implemented thereby limiting the acceptable responses that can be entered this featured coupled with Straight-Lines ability to auto-fill forms greatly reduces the need to for data entry and associated errors.


Straight-Line to Adaptability

Straight-Line is designed to work with your existing systems regardless of their complexity or type of technology. And whether you have one simple form or many complicated forms, Straight-Line can be configured to handle all of them. Forms can be created to suit your particular needs and, if needed, can branch to other forms based upon user responses. You are provided the means to change forms and create new forms over the internet and independent of the Straight-Line application. Further, Straight-Line works with any computer device that runs on a Microsoft operating system including laptops, desktops, Tablet PCs and Pocket PCs. It is like getting a software solution developed just for you without incurring the high costs or length development time typically associated with custom software development.


Straight-Line to Usability

Straight-Line enables a non-technical computer user to set up new forms for remote computing quickly and easily. There is no database design and no replication engine design necessary on your part to create and distribute new forms. All form creation and editing is done on the Internet so there is no need to install complicated software on your computer. All that is needed is a connection to the internet. Likewise, for your field staff, forms can be configured to maximize usability. This can reduce the time to complete forms and enable users that are just beginning to use handheld or tablet devices to be productive immediately.


Straight-Line to No Down Time

With Straight-Line, if there is no cellular or wireless network signal, no problem. Straight-Lines disconnected solution guarantees 100% productivity 100% of the time. When Straight-Line locates a signal it automatically updates data between the device and the central server.


Looking to have a big impact on the productivity of your organization? Need to increase the accountability of field-based staff? Want faster access to field data? Straight-Line can be your direct connection to all these benefits and more. Put Straight-Line to work for you today!


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