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LinkAssist is an intricate part of the Wireless Webforms product line

LinkAssist is an intricate part of the Wireless Webforms product line.  This powerful tool enables organizations using the Wireless Webforms Straight-Line or WebGen products to directly integrate data that has been collected remotely into their legacy systems in a fraction of typical interface development time.  As the name implies, Wireless Webforms LinkAssist takes an incoming data source from the Wireless Webforms product line and links the data to update multiple legacy data sources. Outlined below are some of the key benefits to having simplified access to legacy data through LinkAssist.


Fast Fulfillment on Data Integration:

To fully realize the power of Straight-Line and WebGen, you will want to integrate field data with existing legacy systems in a timely and accurate manner.  The LinkAssist technology is a quick and robust method of meeting this objective. LinkAssist is a faster, simpler alternative to programming, report generation languages and other traditional data integration methodologies.


Easy to Configure:

Organizations can expand the power of their Wireless Webforms tools with LinkAssist to link virtually any SQL compliant database, including MS SQL, Oracle, DB2 or Sybase, to the Wireless Webforms Straight-Line or WebGen solutions.  LinkAssist provides you with a straight-forward approach to move data between your Wireless Webforms system and your legacy system no matter the database technology or the complexity of the database structure of your existing system.  Additional data sources can also be added to support new business requirements quickly and easily.


Short Implementation Timeframe:

With most customized technology solutions, implementation timelines can be daunting.  Since LinkAssist is designed to work with most database structures and platforms, the implementation period is expected to be five days or less.  LinkAssist provides a custom solution with the ease of off-the-shelf implementation.  Once you acquire the LinkAssist solution, you will see results in a matter of days.


Powerful data conversion, manipulation and validation capabilities:

The capabilities of LinkAssist go beyond standard data access.  The data access, integration and migration applications are enhanced by the use of computed fields, logical relations between disparate data sources and hundreds of functions.  You have full control over countless ways to manipulate your data imports and exports.


Extends Life for Existing Legacy Applications:

With scarce resources, it is much more cost efficient to enhance your current system than replace or overhaul it when additional functionality is needed.  LinkAssist enables you to implement Straight-Line, WebGen and other solutions that utilize the latest in technology by applying sophisticated interfaces that keep your existing system intact.  Combine LinkAssist with the power of Straight-Line or WebGen and you have the ability to extend your existing system to mobile devices or to the web with minimal training or technical experience needed by your staff. 


Not just for Wireless Webforms:

LinkAssist is a powerful tool that may integrate one system with another, and one of those system does not need to be a Wireless Webforms system.  With minimal time and resources, you can use LinkAssist to integrate two disparate systems of your own, integrate another new system with your legacy system or implement numerous interfaces throughout your organization. 


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