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Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs with a Wireless Field-based Solution that can be Implemented Within One Week

Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs with a Wireless Field-based Solution that can be Implemented Within One Week!


The Wireless Webforms fleet of products deliver field-based or web portal-based solutions typically within 5-7 working days!


Wireless Webforms Internet-based product line is a comprehensive flexible solution that enables an organization to design, publish, distribute, route, track and approve data via e- Forms.Wireless Webforms offers a Web portal or remote based n-tiered system that overcomes the limitations found in earlier e-Form portal products.Wireless Webforms enables an organization to rapidly implement a remote disconnected solution, a web-based portal solution or a hybrid of both.The Wireless Webforms toolset represents the ultimate in flexibility by which organizations can address the most demanding electronic forms processing requirements.


The cost savings of automating paper forms processing is enormous.Recent insurance industry studies have shown that automation of paper forms can save $120 to $150 per electronic forms transaction when compared to paper forms.The Wireless Webforms product lines enable any organization to quickly automate their paper form processing so that savings can begin to be realized now, instead of in the future.


Wireless Webforms offers the following products to mobilize your workforce:


Straight-Line:Straight-Line enables remote users to work on wireless forms in disconnected locations.Straight-Line takes advantage of todayís hi-powered databases and mobile devices, and couples that with its rich rapid development environment.The result is a disconnected solution that can be used anytime and anywhere.


WebGen:This solution enables users to implement the power of Straight-Line in a connected environment via a web portal.WebGen combines high-end web-based processing with the power of a rapid development environment.


LinkAssist:LinkAssist enables interfacing of two or more systems with point and click ease.Populate your Straight-Line wireless solution with legacy system data and import wireless data into your legacy system.Wireless Webforms ASP server securely receives the remote or portal data and renders it to the end userís legacy system as a standard XML or Flat file format. Once the data set is back to the customers location, the Wireless Webforms LinkAssist connection agent allows for data import/export with virtually any back office system database through JDBC or ODBC.

Wireless Webforms
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